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The best PANCAKES ever!!

If you haven’t tried coconut flour in a recipe yet, try this one.

Here is the recipe link below:

Coconut Pancakes By Nourishing Days

It may take a few try’s to get it right.

This is how hers came out:



And, this is how mine came out:


They aren’t the prettiest pancakes, but they tasted great!


I am a newbie with using Coconut flour. My goal in having a healthier diet includes using coconut flour to replace the all purpose flour in recipes.


With that said, there are some notable differences when you are accustomed to All Purpose flour.

1. Coconut recipes require many more eggs- so you will taste it.

2. The texture IS different. (You have to store your coconut flour correctly or you can get very grainy tasting results.
I keep my bag of coconut flour in a double ziplock bag, then place it in the back of the refrigerator. I’m not an expert, but that’s my method.)

3. You will get fuller faster. (If you normally eat 6 regular pancakes, coconut pancakes will have you full in 3 or 4. That’s what happened with us. )

4. If you don’t have the right technique, you will have to try again. (With regular pancakes, the technique isn’t so critical in your success. But, with the coconut flour pancakes, you’ve got to be ‘on point’. )

5. When you get the coconut pancakes right, you will be amazed. It will taste great and your body will feel great.

Here are some links to other articles that talk about the benefits:

Examiner -Top 5

Eating Well – Pros and Cons

Diabetic Connection – very informative plus other links


These were awesome!

Please share your thoughts. If you know more about this topic, please share.

This is a wonderful journey to healthier eating…


Dough, dough dough, D’oh!

Anyone remember Homer Simpson?


It’s been a long time since I’ve tried to make dough from scratch.

I gave it another attempt today…

This post gave me inspiration to try again.

Here is another link I referenced.

This is how hers came out:



This is mine:


Not so great 😥


But, I will figure it out.

Here is a little over view of each of my steps:


Laurie, from Simply Scratch, gives wonderful directions and photos.

I felt like Lisa when reading and preparing to get into it…


Well, I will try again soon.

Practice means success!


Carrots in Cake

Carrot cake

This is the recipe I used as a guide.

Here is how hers came out:


Now here’s how mine came out:

Very pleased with it! Smells great! Love the smooth texture. Moist. A little delicate. Just the right amount of sweetness.


I made a few changes. One obvious one was no icing.


These are slices from mini loafs:

1 – plain carrot cake
2 – white chocolate chips
3 – pecans
4 – white chocolate chips and pecans


I was using carrots for a dinner side dish, and figured, I might as well go ahead and peal the rest of the bag of carrots.

Lets go for a carrot cake!

So, after I peeled the rest (and got the dinner started) I got busy shredding.


Then got going…


A few changes:

I use coconut oil.


I use brown sugar and honey mostly. Only used 1/2 cup white sugar.


I did sneak in a tsp. pure vanilla extract.


Then mixed well.


Folded in shredded carrots.


Toasted the pecans for a few minutes.


Sprayed the pan with coconut oil as well.


Got my FAVORITE white chips ready.


And here we go!


Reader participation:

Which veggies do you like making into a dessert?