Curious mid-night snack

Ever wondered where the peanut butter sandwich came from?

I did. So that was the topic of my google research last night.

Oh, where my curious mind takes me…

Wikipedia explains this way…

The comment to readers by Joyce, found in the below link was very interesting. She mentions,

We were not the only kids to have pb&j in our lunch boxes. It was hardly the kind of thing that you would write in a “cookbook.” I think the lack of a printed record describing how to spread peanut butter and jam on a piece of bread does not mean that it did not happen – it did. Do you have a written record of when the first “toast” was served? Was it buttered? What kind of butter? Some things just happen naturally and often in many wide spread areas.

Linda Stradley explains here…


The article linked below, brings out a good point: The invention of sliced and wrapped bread.

Having sliced bread available, made it easier for children to make the sandwich. In turn raising the popularity of the sandwich.

Andrew writer on


Reader participation:

How do you like your peanut butter and jelly sandwich?

I like:
1. Wheat bread toasted
2. Crunchy peanut butter
3. Low sugar/ home-made jam

This is another product that I buy and do not deviate from. I don’t like other peanut butters.



I will stick with these until I learn how to make my own. Which is something I look forward to doing in the future.

Funny video:

peanut butter jelly song – banana dancing

P B & J, interesting video:

Neat to see explained…

Snack attack…


The snack attack took over.

After this treat came out the oven, it was on the plate, then on its way down to the belly, in less than a minute.


After making the ‘not so perfect’ pizza dough…


I separated it and made two crusts…


Fresh cranberry sauce (made from fresh cranberries a few days ago). Looks like tomato sauce.

Little helpers are welcome for assembling this treat.



Fresh apple peeled, then grated over it. To look like the cheese part.


Then raisins on top.


In the oven it went.

Then on to the plate.

And yummy!


Dough, dough dough, D’oh!

Anyone remember Homer Simpson?


It’s been a long time since I’ve tried to make dough from scratch.

I gave it another attempt today…

This post gave me inspiration to try again.

Here is another link I referenced.

This is how hers came out:



This is mine:


Not so great 😥


But, I will figure it out.

Here is a little over view of each of my steps:


Laurie, from Simply Scratch, gives wonderful directions and photos.

I felt like Lisa when reading and preparing to get into it…


Well, I will try again soon.

Practice means success!


Carrots in Cake

Carrot cake

This is the recipe I used as a guide.

Here is how hers came out:


Now here’s how mine came out:

Very pleased with it! Smells great! Love the smooth texture. Moist. A little delicate. Just the right amount of sweetness.


I made a few changes. One obvious one was no icing.


These are slices from mini loafs:

1 – plain carrot cake
2 – white chocolate chips
3 – pecans
4 – white chocolate chips and pecans


I was using carrots for a dinner side dish, and figured, I might as well go ahead and peal the rest of the bag of carrots.

Lets go for a carrot cake!

So, after I peeled the rest (and got the dinner started) I got busy shredding.


Then got going…


A few changes:

I use coconut oil.


I use brown sugar and honey mostly. Only used 1/2 cup white sugar.


I did sneak in a tsp. pure vanilla extract.


Then mixed well.


Folded in shredded carrots.


Toasted the pecans for a few minutes.


Sprayed the pan with coconut oil as well.


Got my FAVORITE white chips ready.


And here we go!


Reader participation:

Which veggies do you like making into a dessert?