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I had the best Date ever!

This past weekend, I have had the best Date I’ve ever had.

(Being it was my first time, I really don’t have anything to compare it too.)


But, nonetheless, I had to share my experience with these weird looking jumbo raisin look-a-likes.


I bought them from Trader Joes.

They were stored in my fridge for a few days before I figured out what to do with them.


After making fresh cranberry jelly, from my bag of cranberries; it occurred to me I could do the same thing with the Dates.





The skin of the Dates were thin and slightly hard. Like hardened icing. I pulled the Date in half. The consistency was slightly firm, but was easy to break apart. Some Dates were harder and some softer. The seeds in the middle were very easy to pull out. It seemed like the seeds were surrounded by white threads.


Repeating this until the package was empty, I then rough chopped the bunch.

When the water was at a simmer and sugar dissolved, I put them in the pot.


I used the cranberry sauce recipe as my guide:

1 cup water
1 cup sugar ( I used brown sugar)
1 package of cranberries (I used Dates)

I kept it simmering until the liquid was gone and I had a thick jelly-like consistency.

The Date jelly has been in the refrigerator for a couple days. It is cold and firm now. Reminds me of caramel. Wonderful!


Here are some of the sites I explored to learn more about Dates:

What are Medjool Dates?


Maple Syrup Challenge

What is going on with our maple syrup?


I was expecting to post the differences of Grade A and Grade B maple syrup. Only to learn, things aren’t that simple anymore…

Labeling of Maple Syrup can be an issue.


This author really gives an informative run down of the typical grocery store maple syrups. Educate yourself about real maple syrup.


Deep Mountain Maple has a very good write up about the Maple Syrup Grades:
Maple Syrup Facts

It’s good to know that all Pure Maple Syrup is made the same way. The different darknesses are due to the time of season the sap is taken from the tree. All pure maple syrup has nutrients in it that our body can use.

This is the last statement on their page:

At the Greenmarket, people often ask us which grade is best. The answer is, whichever one you like best!

What a Wonderful Waffle World


I just wanted to get up and dance after I tasted this AWESOMEness of Waffle in my mouth.


With all this COLD weather, dancing sounds like a great idea. Get the blood flowing and warm things up with a ‘Happy Dance’.


First off, Waffles are my FAVORITE breakfast food. (Actually, I will eat waffles for lunch or dinner when in the mood.)

With that said, I am so excited to have made my waffle batter better than ever before.

And… I must say the technique is what makes it. The ingredients are important. But, if you don’t combine them a particular way, forget about doing the Happy dance.

Here is the base recipe I used.

The biggest thing you MUST do is separate the eggs. Yokes in one bowl and whites on another. Beat those egg whites till they are foamy white mountains.


Then, Fold into your batter.

This step is HUGE. Don’t skip it. Even when you are starving and just want to get something on the plate already.

Do NOT skip beating the egg whites separately. That airy foam will make the longer wait worth it.


Throw some fresh blueberries (or whatever fresh fruit on hand) and go to town.


So, yummy!

The waffle had that nice crunch on the outside. Then the melt in your mouth sweet inside. Perfect.

The blueberries and maple syrup made this tasty treat complete.


Are you using 100% Maple Syrup? Grade A or B?

I will discuss the differences in the next post.



One more look at the deliciousness…


What goes WOW between two pieces of bread?


Sometimes it feels like I should put on a chefs hat and open a little lunch lounge.

That’s what I’d call it,
“Little Lunch Lounge”.

Open: 10am – 3:30pm

Menu: The best sandwich you’ve ever tasted!

Today I created a
‘Finish up what is left in the fridge’



•Pumpernickel bread
•Ham Deli meat
•Tomato (organic)
•Baby Spinach
•Swiss Cheese
•Red Bell Pepper
•Red onion slices
•Pickles on the side


Now, what the big ‘hub bub’ is, is the TECHNIQUE.

Man, the TECHNIQUE, this is really the kicker!


Anyone can just slap these ingredients together and call it a sandwich.

But this, this is a ‘SaNDwiCH!’

Here it is:








At the end, one sandwich has all ingredients and the other is minus the tasty tomato and red onion. My 4 year old doesn’t know what he’s missing.



Bamboo clues…

After years of washing my bamboo cutting board, like any other dish (hot water and dish soap), I just now realized;

“maybe I should google the proper way to care for a bamboo cutting board”.

With all the information available at our finger tips, why not?


Here Chef Grant Chen – Top 5 Benefits of Bamboo

I like this link below the best:


Simple, use mineral oil regularly. Wash with warm water and mild soap. Don’t let food juices sit on surface. Sanitize with hydrogen peroxide and water or bleach and water.

This discussion is interesting:
Serious Eats talk


If you have some time, this is a nice read:

Savory Lotus – Sanitize your wooden cutting board

One commenter mentions Walnut oil to treat in place of Mineral oil.

Interesting ;’)

The best PANCAKES ever!!

If you haven’t tried coconut flour in a recipe yet, try this one.

Here is the recipe link below:

Coconut Pancakes By Nourishing Days

It may take a few try’s to get it right.

This is how hers came out:



And, this is how mine came out:


They aren’t the prettiest pancakes, but they tasted great!


I am a newbie with using Coconut flour. My goal in having a healthier diet includes using coconut flour to replace the all purpose flour in recipes.


With that said, there are some notable differences when you are accustomed to All Purpose flour.

1. Coconut recipes require many more eggs- so you will taste it.

2. The texture IS different. (You have to store your coconut flour correctly or you can get very grainy tasting results.
I keep my bag of coconut flour in a double ziplock bag, then place it in the back of the refrigerator. I’m not an expert, but that’s my method.)

3. You will get fuller faster. (If you normally eat 6 regular pancakes, coconut pancakes will have you full in 3 or 4. That’s what happened with us. )

4. If you don’t have the right technique, you will have to try again. (With regular pancakes, the technique isn’t so critical in your success. But, with the coconut flour pancakes, you’ve got to be ‘on point’. )

5. When you get the coconut pancakes right, you will be amazed. It will taste great and your body will feel great.

Here are some links to other articles that talk about the benefits:

Examiner -Top 5

Eating Well – Pros and Cons

Diabetic Connection – very informative plus other links


These were awesome!

Please share your thoughts. If you know more about this topic, please share.

This is a wonderful journey to healthier eating…

Curious mid-night snack

Ever wondered where the peanut butter sandwich came from?

I did. So that was the topic of my google research last night.

Oh, where my curious mind takes me…

Wikipedia explains this way…

The comment to readers by Joyce, found in the below link was very interesting. She mentions,

We were not the only kids to have pb&j in our lunch boxes. It was hardly the kind of thing that you would write in a “cookbook.” I think the lack of a printed record describing how to spread peanut butter and jam on a piece of bread does not mean that it did not happen – it did. Do you have a written record of when the first “toast” was served? Was it buttered? What kind of butter? Some things just happen naturally and often in many wide spread areas.

Linda Stradley explains here…


The article linked below, brings out a good point: The invention of sliced and wrapped bread.

Having sliced bread available, made it easier for children to make the sandwich. In turn raising the popularity of the sandwich.

Andrew writer on


Reader participation:

How do you like your peanut butter and jelly sandwich?

I like:
1. Wheat bread toasted
2. Crunchy peanut butter
3. Low sugar/ home-made jam

This is another product that I buy and do not deviate from. I don’t like other peanut butters.



I will stick with these until I learn how to make my own. Which is something I look forward to doing in the future.

Funny video:

peanut butter jelly song – banana dancing

P B & J, interesting video:

Neat to see explained…