I had the best Date ever!

This past weekend, I have had the best Date I’ve ever had.

(Being it was my first time, I really don’t have anything to compare it too.)


But, nonetheless, I had to share my experience with these weird looking jumbo raisin look-a-likes.


I bought them from Trader Joes.

They were stored in my fridge for a few days before I figured out what to do with them.


After making fresh cranberry jelly, from my bag of cranberries; it occurred to me I could do the same thing with the Dates.





The skin of the Dates were thin and slightly hard. Like hardened icing. I pulled the Date in half. The consistency was slightly firm, but was easy to break apart. Some Dates were harder and some softer. The seeds in the middle were very easy to pull out. It seemed like the seeds were surrounded by white threads.


Repeating this until the package was empty, I then rough chopped the bunch.

When the water was at a simmer and sugar dissolved, I put them in the pot.


I used the cranberry sauce recipe as my guide:

1 cup water
1 cup sugar ( I used brown sugar)
1 package of cranberries (I used Dates)

I kept it simmering until the liquid was gone and I had a thick jelly-like consistency.

The Date jelly has been in the refrigerator for a couple days. It is cold and firm now. Reminds me of caramel. Wonderful!


Here are some of the sites I explored to learn more about Dates:

What are Medjool Dates?



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