Dough, dough dough, D’oh!

Anyone remember Homer Simpson?


It’s been a long time since I’ve tried to make dough from scratch.

I gave it another attempt today…

This post gave me inspiration to try again.

Here is another link I referenced.

This is how hers came out:



This is mine:


Not so great 😥


But, I will figure it out.

Here is a little over view of each of my steps:


Laurie, from Simply Scratch, gives wonderful directions and photos.

I felt like Lisa when reading and preparing to get into it…


Well, I will try again soon.

Practice means success!



One thought on “Dough, dough dough, D’oh!”

  1. The reason yours turned out differently is because your dough was a little too soggy. Try adding a little flour and you’ll find it will form into a firmer ball.

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