Clean up clean up

Sometimes cleaning up can be overwhelming. Especially after making a multi-dish meal and a dessert dish.

Washing dishes after the ingredient prep and then again when food is being cooked, seems to help.

Then, by the time all the food is ready to plate, the sink is empty. This way, I then plate the food and all empty pots and lids go in the sink.

Yes, I am one of those people whom has a dishwasher and doesn’t use it for washing dishes.

My favorite dish detergent, after trying many different brands proves to be:

Drum roll……



After my first purchase of this dish soap I have not looked back. This product is great! It lasts long. You only need a little bit for a full sink. My dishes feel like they are CLEAN. Not only food stuff clean, but no soap residue left behind clean. I also noticed my hands were not drying out as they had been before with other dish soap.

I could go on, but won’t.


Unfortunately, I can’t find the “Baby” Palmolive in most stores in my area.


This is my back-up.

Reader participation:

What’s your favorite dish soap?

Favorite dinner clean up method?


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