Try try again…

In a continuing effort to make vegetables more appealing, here is my latest attempt…

Pancakes! Zucchini pancakes that is.

So, this is what I was going for:


Recipe I used for zucchini pancakes

Beautiful. They look delicious with a nice crunchy outside and packed with health 🙂


Here is how mine went:


I used a yellow and green zucchini.


Peeled and chopped. I decided to put them in a small food processor.

With the mint, parsley and garlic.

I rarely use cheese in my cooking. So, this is a big change from the recipe, I know.


They still taste okay. Next time, I will be shredding the zucchini and finely chop mint, parsley and garlic instead of the food processor. It will take longer but worth the texture. Also, I want to try it with the cheese.

I allow for cheese on the menu only once a week. Most the time, that once a week is used for PIZZA. :’D But, I will sacrifice the cheese pizza one week for these.



2 thoughts on “Try try again…”

    1. Thanks for checking it out. The first time I made this recipe, it was during breakfast. There was only zucchini though. Not the other ingredients (no garlic especially). This time was a dinner thing. :’)

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