Sweet tooth Saturday

My sweet tooth and craving Casanova are best buddies. And, especially on the weekends, they love getting together.

Adding some healthy foods, like fresh banana and strawberries, to my dessert makes me feel better about all the sugar I am eating.



Started heating up my sweet sauce and added pecans.


Let the pecans warm for a few minutes in mixture.


Added the diced fruit. Fruit warms and melts into the sauce and the sauce thickens.


Added some cinnamon to mixture.

BTW: cinnamon helps the body to process the sugars. I also keep a vitamin bottle of cinnamon capsules on hand for those times I have too much sugar. I will take one capsule, and the ‘sugar rush’ feeling will fade faster.

Google cinnamon benefits when you get a chance.


So, I had two more pieces of my brownie loaf left. This brownie already had walnuts and marshmallows baked in it.

The marshmallows were the duos addition. Sweet tooth and craving Casanova are very creative when they get together.


Topping for a warm treat!





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