Fish Friday

Fish Friday

Ok, so today was Salmon. And just FYI, there is a difference between farm raised and wild caught.

This is wild caught…


My craving was awesome to me today. I felt like spinach. Fresh not cooked.

Yes, I had to pull off the stems of each leaf and it took a little time. :’P


I had fresh parsley, which I had to use. Lets look up the health benefits of that:


A red tomato and a red and orange bell peppers for the health benefits. In addition to giving color to this green salad it provides a nice crunch.

Sliced in length, thin strips keep the integrity of the vegetable (verses dicing).


I mixed fresh spinach, cucumber, red bell pepper, orange bell pepper, tomato, parsley, and fresh squeezed lemon over top.



4 thoughts on “Fish Friday”

    1. Thanks for checking out my post :’D

      We have fish at least once a week. I’m learning which varieties are the healthiest. So, I’d thought I’d share. At first, I thought farm raised was healthier. But, after more information, found wild caught is healthier.

      1. Not just healthier… Farmed salmon is an environmental disaster ranking right up there with shark fin soup. Wild-caught salmon = healthy seas and ecosystems. See Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch List for more information.

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