Food cravings

Food cravings could be wonderful. For example, when having to decide what to cook for dinner.
“I am in the mood for some lentils. I will make a lentil soup with a side of rice for dinner tomorrow.”

Food cravings could be horrible. For example, right before bedtime (after dinner).
“I can’t sleep. Just a few small cookies will satisfy this sweet tooth.”

Food cravings could be a friend or foe.

One way to get rid of that craving includes Apple Cider Vinegar. Get a tall glass of water and pour a teaspoon of ACV in it. Drink all fairly soon. I find drinking the whole glass within a few minutes to work best for me. Some do sip for a period of time. Either way, the craving should fade.

Not only does ACV help with cravings, but it has a huge list of other health benefits.

Google it and learn more about this awesome healthful product!




Yes, you will be making more trips to the powder room. But, the health benefits are worth it.

Reader participation:

What are your strategies for killing the crave monster?


What good food does your friendly craving urge you for?


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