Face the Oatmeal

The different faces of Oatmeal:

Oatmeal doesn’t have to be boring…


Have fresh and/or dried fruit with your oatmeal.

Change the pace, make a face. :’)

A bunny, a mouse, or just a silly (weird) face. 8’P


Whatever fresh fruit is on hand is what we use.

Bananas are pretty much always hanging around.

Raisins are usually always in the fridge. If you get the organic kind, that’s where they belong (just FYI).


I boiled water for our Oatmeal breakfast, but now I use Vanilla Coconut milk. The calcium content is much higher. It is more hardy as well. Tastes great!


Cinnamon is usually always added while oatmeal is heating on the stove.

We add a few chocolate chips from time to time. :’)

A little treat.

Our faces aren’t perfect, but the fun and joy we share making and eating them are.

Have fun for breakfast. Start the day with a smile.


There are many health benefits to making oatmeal a part of your regular diet. Heart health is a big one. But take a moment to google it. šŸ™‚

Reader participation:

How do you eat your bowl of oatmeal?


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